Falcher Fusager was born and raised in Denmark. As a teenager, he spent much of his free time painting, using traditional oil glazing techniques (applying multiple layers of transparent oil paints on top of each other). It was his fondness of the extraordinary light and color of oil painting that later inspired him to experiment with transparent enamels and led him to develop his highly refined multi-layered enameling technique.

In 1974, after four years of employment at W.A. Bates (then, Denmark ‘s largest advertisement agency), Falcher made a life-changing decision: Realizing that he had to follow his passion, he took the leap and moved to California . Living out of his van, exploring his creative talent, he made a living as a San Francisco street artist. Within a few years, he formed his first professional partnership with two local artists; Don Viehman and Rollie Piltzer. They quickly established themselves at the local arts and crafts shows as “The Cloisonné Collection”. In the early 1980-ies, Falcher’s partners decided to leave the profession and pursue other careers. Falcher continued and soon gained further recognition as he juried into the nation’s top arts and craft shows.

In 1985, he expanded his business to include wholesale and formed “MAGICK”. By then, his son, Jael Fusager, had joined the company and followed in his father’s footsteps as an extremely talented cloisonné artist. Success followed quickly. In 1988, Falcher hired Susan Demski, who later became a business partner. Susan helped create beautiful designs and colors until she retired in 2002. During this time, Falcher daughter, Nadia Fusager, moved across the Atlantic to join the company and eventually took over daily running’s of the business.

During the early 1990’s, Falcher discovered the impact that shapes and colors, and the infinite combinations thereof, have on our emotional states. This became the birth of the abstract nature predominant in today’s collections.

In January 2006, Falcher incorporated the business under its current name “MAGICK Fusager Design, Inc”. Falcher, his children, and his faithful crew continue the tradition of creating beautiful designs, exquisite jewelry and excellent service.