The Star 129 mission in 2000 was to create a cut with a difference that anyone could see – That was our GOAL!
A difference that can be seen with just your eyes – no special lights, no magnifying devices, or even coaching from a salesperson – a diamond with a difference so readily apparent anyone can see it.

The Star 129 is much brighter than a traditional diamond.  Based on a complex geometrical formula, precise interplay of each facet and the proportions of the stone, its brilliance radiates in a way that just wasn’t possible before.  The latest technology and research reveals that the inter-relationship of facets as opposed to any specific proportions ultimately determines the brilliance of a diamond

The results – Whatever view, whatever light, whatever distance…the Star 129 is more brilliant.

Every Star 129 is ideally cut. Tolkowsky standards deal with angles and proportions, not the number of facets a diamond has.  We have increased the number of facets to maximize the beauty of the diamond without compromising the refractive properties!

Recent research by GIA shows there are multiple cut grades that can create an optimal performing diamond.  Each Star 129 has its own balance of angles and proportions, and it is these properties working together that create the tremendous light performance and beauty of each diamond.  This is validated by the Gemex Certificate that accompanies each Star 129.