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Jewelry appraisals are an important step in ensuring your most valued items. It is always a wise decision to have your precious possessions’ appraised and insured. Here at AA Jewel Box, we make it a point to notify our customers that most homeowner policies do not cover the loss or damage of jewelry. Please consult your respective insurance companies for policy guidelines.

Our Graduate Gemologist on staff is here to ensure that you receive an accurate and fair replacement value for your jewelry pieces. With 70 years in the industry, we can also help you find a qualified insurance company to provide you with replacement or repair services. We have several appraisal options for you to choose from.

No Leaving – There is no need for separation anxiety. If you don’t want to leave your jewelry, no problem! We will perform all the counts and examination in front of you while you wait. It will take a week for you to receive the completed appraisal.

*An appointment is required for this service.

Drop and Run – If you don’t mind leaving your jewelry for the certified gemologists to review, great! We will show you unique identifying signatures for each piece of jewelry that you leave under the microscope, so you can be assured that the items returned to you are yours. It will take about 2 weeks to receive the completed appraisal and an appointment is not necessary for this service.

Estate and Inheritance – Many families need help with their estate planning and sentimental family jewelry. AA Jewel Box provides a safe and secure environment to help with these situations. From gem identification and jewelry sorting appointments to multi-item estate appraisals, AA Jewel Box will be able to provide help for your estate planning needs.

Please call us at (714) 669-9966 for a quote or appointment.